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Welcome to the Exclusive Geo Works's website. We manufacture the "DirectFlow" flow centers that are used in geothermal heating/cooling systems. Geothermal energy is the most efficient form of heating and cooling in the industry.  So why not have the most efficient flow center on the market?  The EGW flow center's push-pull configuration makes it the most efficient flow center of its kind.  Along with its easy setup and zero maintenance makes the EGW flow center rise to the top.  Browse around our site to explore the benefits of the EGW flow center and the different models that are available.  If you have any questions or would like additional information about the flow centers just click on contact EGW and we will send the information right out to you. Thank you for visiting the Exclusive Geo Works website.

Update: Exclusive Geo Works, LLC. is now accepting credit cards. Visa and Mastercard are all cards that are accepted.

Keep an eye on this website as many additions will be added over the coming weeks and months. Additions such as a photo gallery of flow center installations, a feedback section, videos of installation, and printable paper installation instructions just to name a few.
Latest News:

Now - We are now offering a Clean & Check service available by appointment. Click here for to view the flyer.

2/19/2009 - An update has been made to the federal tax credit that benefits homeowners that have installed a geothermal system in 2009. The latest news is the removal of the $2000 maximum credit amount from the act. This now means that any geothermal installation done in 2009-2016 is eligible for a 30% tax credit without a maximum limitation. Read more about this credit here or go to www.dsireusa.org to learn more other tax credits.

2/13/2009 - The website Green Building Insider recently featured an article on geothermal technology. The article was based on a system that was installed by Exclusive Geo Works in Oberlin, OH. Click here to read the article.


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