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Exclusive Geo Works, LLC is an Ohio based company located in Centerburg, Ohio and Oberlin, Ohio.  The design for our flowcenters came from many years of installing geothermal closed loop systems.  After installing over 800 loops using both pressurized and non-pressurized flow centers in those installations, we felt that there must be a better design.  The design had to make it easier and quicker for the contractors to install and more importantly eliminate return visits for non-functioning flow centers.  Thus we arrived at the EGW flow center. 

Today the EGW flow centers are being installed on all loop installations that we do.  We continue to install geothermal systems always looking for ways to improve the systems. Homeowners have given us more than positive feedback.  The best part they tell us is that "I can open up the canister and watch the solution moving."

Exclusive Geo Works LLC
3117 Hankinson Rd
Granville, OH 43023
(614) 309-5765
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