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 Services for Homeowners:
Exclusive Geo Works is a full service geothermal company that only installs geothermal systems. We have been installing geothermal systems for over 12 years with more than 800 successful installations. We install systems in both new build homes and existing homes. We can install an entire system or partial pieces of a system depending on your needs. All three types of closed loop systems (horizontal, vertical, or pond) are used by Exclusive Geo Works. Read below to learn more about the services we provide for each category.

New Build: In a new build home we suggest involving Exclusive Geo Works before ground is broke on the home. Involving us at the start helps to determine placement of the loop field so that it does not conflict with any other underground piping or wire. Also sleeves can be installed underneath the basement floor (if applicable) for the geothermal piping can be arranged for a cleaner installation. This avoids penetration of the basement wall and interior piping consuming usable space. Proper placement of the furnace can be determined at this time to maximize efficiency and comfort of the home.
Existing Home: A geothermal system can be installed in an existing home with relative ease. The loop field is installed and piped into the basement or utility room if a basement doesn't exist. If ductwork already exists in the home usually the existing furnace is replaced by a geothermal furnace and attached to that ductwork. We can also provide ductwork if it does not currently exist in the home.
Service: If you are having problems with your system we can come out and diagnose the system even when others cannot find the problem. We deal with only geothermal systems so that we can offer the most effecient systems and the best value for the money. Right now we are offering a clean and check special. You can find information on that here.
 Services for Contractors:
Exclusive Geo Works provides installation of all types of closed loop systems for existing heating/cooling companies. We will install the loop system, a DirectFlow flow center, make all connections to the furnace, and fill and purge the loop system. The benefit of this service is that conventional heating/cooling contractors do not need to be educated and experienced in geothermal installations. This simplifies the installation for the contractor and allows the contractor to offer geothermal systems to customers. Contractors can also consult with Exclusive Geo Works on system designs and technical questions. Call upon our years of geothermal experience to help you on your installation.

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