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Q & A on Geothermal
What is geothermal?
  Geothermal is the process of capturing heat emitted from the earth. As it applies to geothermal heating systems it is the process of using ground or water to store energy (heat) in lieu of using that energy in the future to heat a home/building (structure). A geothermal system installed in a structure will remove heat from the home during high external temperatures storing that energy in the ground and then using that energy during time of cold external temperatures.
How does it really work?
  In a ground loop installation, tubing is installed in the ground in a loop configuration in trenches evenly spaced. The tubing is filled with a methanol/water mixture and is circulated through the piping. When the furnace starts, the circulation of the solution begins traveling through the tubing. During the heating cycle, the furnace exchanges heat from the solution to heat the air in your home. That cooler solution then travels out to the warmer ground where the heat in the ground will warm the water in the tubing to try and reach equilibrium. During the cooling cycle, heat exchanged from the air of your house and is added to the solution. When that warmed solution travels out into the ground, the heat will escape the tubing into the cooler ground to try to reach equilibrium.
Why is geothermal the most efficient type of heating/cooling system?
  Geothermal systems are more efficient than conventional heating/cooling systems because conventional heating systems use fuel/electric to generate heating/cooling. With geothermal the only thing being consumed by the system is electric energy used to circulate the solution in the tubing and to run a blower fan inside the furnace. This offers savings of 50%-75% over conventional heating/cooling systems.
How long does geothermal take to install?
  Installation does not take long at all. In most homes, the loop and furnace installation takes only 2 days. Additional time is needed for ductwork installation or radiant floor heating depending on the application.

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