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Q & A on Ground Loops
How much area is needed for a horizontal loop installation?
  This varies from house to house. The larger the house is in size the more loops that are needed. When installing a loop, trenches need to be 100-110 feet in length, 6-7 feet deep and spaced at least 15 feet apart. Also a “header” trench is dug which runs perpendicular to the loop trenches. The header trench runs from the house to the end of the last loop ditch. At a point in the header trench all of the loop tubing is fused to the header pipes. The header pipes run into the house and eventually are attached to a flow center. An example installation in a house of 1500 square feet would require a 4-ton loop. When referring to tonnage in a loop it means that 4 trenches would be needed in this example.
  Pictures of Horizontal Loop installation

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