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Q & A on Vertical Loops
Why would I install a vertical loop?
  Vertical loops are installed when there is not enough area available to install a horizontal loop. Usually these installations are done in housing developments with smaller yards or on commercial buildings where a large number of loops need to be installed.
How is a vertical loop installed?
  Installing a vertical loop involves drilling a 4 inch bore hole 150 to 200 feet deep. Geothermal pipe is then inserted into the hole. The hole is then filled with grout to secure the pipe in the well. The grout is used as a thermal conductor to transfer heat between the pipe and the ground. Failure to install grout or installing grout improperly will result in poor system performance due to the inability to transfer heat.
How many wells do I need to have installed?
  The number of wells to drill is determined by the size of the house. Each well equals 12,000 BTU of heat/cool. Each well is spaced 15 feet on center so for a 2000 square foot house an area of 15 feet by 15 feet is needed for an installation. In this scenario there would be 4 wells drilled.
Will I be able to see the top of the wells in my yard?
  No. Once all the wells are drilled a header line is installed that connects each individual well together. The two header lines are buried 4 feet underground from the wells to the house. Once everything is installed there is no well casing or piping exposed.

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